Rotarian Action Groups
Rotary Action Groups are independent, Rotary-affiliated groups made up of people from around the world who are experts in a particular field, such as economic development, peace, addiction prevention, the environment, or water.

Action groups offer their technical expertise and support to help clubs plan and implement projects to increase our impact, one of Rotary's strategic priorities. This support includes helping clubs find partners, funding, and other resources. Action groups can also help clubs and districts prepare grant applications, conduct community assessments, and develop plans to monitor and evaluate their projects. Read more about these activities in the Rotary Action Groups annual report.

Anyone who wants to share their expertise to make a positive difference can join an action group. Only Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Rotary Peace Fellows can serve in leadership roles.

Contact or join a Rotary Action Group

Contact a Rotary Action Group to:

  • Get expert advice on planning and implementing service projects, including those funded by Rotary Foundation district and global grants
  • Connect with potential project partners, both within and outside of Rotary
  • Get help fundraising and obtaining resources for projects

Join a Rotary Action Group to share your expertise and make a difference in projects outside your club or district. To get involved, look at our directory and contact the action group you're interested in.

Rotarian Action Group

Rotary Action Groups by area of focus

Promoting peace
Domestic Violence Prevention
Slavery Prevention

Fighting disease
Addiction Prevention
Blindness Prevention
Blood, Tissue, and Organ Donation
Family Health/AIDS Prevention
Health Education and Wellness
Hepatitis Eradication
Mental Health Initiatives
Multiple Sclerosis

Providing clean water and sanitation
Menstrual Health and Hygiene
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Saving mothers and children
Reproductive Maternal and Child Health

Supporting education
Basic Education and Literacy

Growing local economies
Community Economic Development
Disaster Assistance

Protecting the environment
Endangered Species
Environmental Sustainability

Action groups that work in more than one area of focus
Food Plant Solutions

How to start a Rotary Action Group

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