Our Vision
Western Australians are united and taking action to create lasting change across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves.
Our Purpose
The district’s purpose is to support and develop Rotary leaders, members and their Clubs to grow Rotary in a sustainable way; and encourage engagement and collaboration within the wider Rotary family.
 Our Strategic priorities
Increase our impact
Expand our reach
Enhance participant engagement
Increase our ability to adapt
  • Offer modern, compelling programs with clear pathways to participation
  • Inspire and develop Clubs to increase their impact
  • Increase collaboration within Rotary and between Rotary and other partners
  • Measure our impact
  • Increase our contribution to the Rotary Foundation
  • Grow and diversify our membership and engagement
  • Create new ways of involvement in Rotary
  • Modernise the image of Rotary in the community and build awareness of Rotary’s impact and brand
  • Improve member value and the experience of Rotary for all who participate in Rotary activities, members and non-members alike
  • Promote opportunities for personal and professional connection
  • Provide sought after leadership development and skills training
  • Support club leaders to provide inclusive environments
  • Streamline governance, structure, and processes
  • Foster diverse perspectives in bold decision-making
  • Build a culture of innovation in a changing world
  • Utilise technology to enhance our effectiveness, efficiency and communication