Address : John McGrath Pavilion, Hensman Street, South Perth

The Rotary Room is for Rotarians, Rotaract and ROTEX use only.

When Booking please complete all fields in the calendar and, most importantly, include your email address in the Description box.

The Manager will do all they can to contact you, but reserves the right to remove any booking which does not have a return email address.

Every effort will be made to accommodate your booking, but if there is a clash, established District projects and programmes will have priority and you may be asked to reschedule. As much notice as possible will be given. 

The room can be used on the proviso that it is left clean and tidy, dishes washed and put away, technology used appropriately.

If after attempting the entry, you require assistance to complete it, please contact the Rotary Room manager on 0403 173 040 or email dgexecassist@rotarywa.au 

If you understand the conditions attached to booking the room, Click here to book.